Our Mission

To enhance quality of life for our patients and our community, through both education and the use of hands-on, evidence-based physical medicine including chiropractic, acupuncture, functional rehabilitation, and soft tissue approaches.  We strive to empower & assist patients in achieving their highest level of function, both short term & long term.


There are three phases of care in modern chiropractic:

  1. The Acute Phase (aka the Initial Intensive Phase), where the main focus is getting you out of pain
  2. A Corrective Care Phase, which is focused on ingraining positive patterns and minimizing likelihood of relapse
  3. An Elective or Wellness Phase (aka Maintenance Phase) which focuses on health (as opposed to disease), optimal function, and quality of life.

Western Medicine has tended to focus on Sickness Care, not Wellness Care.  Even your insurance policy (if you have one) is less “health insurance” than it is an “accident and injury policy.”  Sickness Care focuses on disease, on reactively treating problems.  There’s a role for Sickness Care.  When you have a heart attack, Sickness Care can break up the clot, put in  a stent, save your life… and return you to the lifestyle that created your heart attack.  Similarly, we treat patients whose stated goal is to get out of pain from auto accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries, arthritis, and the ravages of time;  but if all we offer is Acute Care, we’re just another part of the Sickness Care System.

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“In America, we have a “sick care” system, not a health care system. Rather than treating people once they get sick, he believes that we should remove the barriers to a healthy lifestyle, reduce chronic disease and rein in the high cost of health care, creating a “wellness society” in America.”

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), quoted at harkin.senate.gov

The Sickness Care System, and your health insurance, do not fully value Wellness – and they certainly do not pay for it.  Maybe they should;  but until the day when this country re-invents the way it delivers care to patients, your health is up to you.  Investing in yourself is something only you can do.

A true Health Care System focuses on the fact that health is more than the absence of disease;  and it is certainly more than simply avoiding or minimizing pain (drugs can blunt pain signals, but they eventually damage the liver, kidney, GI tract, and more).  True Health Care, and proper Wellness Care, focuses on your ability to LIVE your best.  Wellness Care focuses on optimizing your FUNCTION, your ability to do the things you love, whether that’s a sport, or a hobby, or being a great grandparent, or taking walks… whatever you desire to do, Wellness Care focuses on helping you age gracefully and successfully so that you can maximize your ability to live.  A wellness focus means educating patients as part of our mission, not just helping them with the remarkable power of chiropractic, exercise, acupuncture, and the other tools we use and prescribe for our patients.

America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”

Walter Cronkite

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