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Does my insurance pay for this?

More and more patients are choosing to pay out of their own pockets for quality healthcare. Even so, if you have insurance coverage, you deserve to get the benefits you paid for. We work with most major insurance carriers. Whether you have a Blue Cross program (known as Anthem Blue Cross in Virginia), or Cigna, MailHandlers, or another plan, we’ll work to ensure the maximum benefit available to you. Bring your insurance information to your first visit, and we’ll verify your coverage and explain it to you. If you’re uninsured, or underinsured, we have flexible financial policies to make your care affordable. Many patients trust us so much that they see us even though we’re not in their health plan. We appreciate how much our patients value our care. If you have Medicare, or a Medicare Supplement, we’ll have any benefits assigned to you. Similarly, if you have United Healthcare, First Health, or other plans that pay “out of network” benefits, we’ll promptly file your claim so that you get reimbursed FAST. If you are injured on the job, and your injury falls under Virginia law for a compensable injury, your employer and/or their insurance carrier will pay all costs associated with your care. Please be sure that we’re on your “panel”; or, if not, please have your “panel” doctor refer you to us. If you are injured in a motor vehicular accident (“personal injury”), please bring your auto insurance information; the insurance information of the other driver(s), if any; your attorney’s information (if you have one); and your health insurance information. In personal injury cases where a third party is reasonably expected to pay, you (the patient) are expected to remit a nominal 10% of each visit at the time of service. You may elect to make this 10% payment by cash, check or credit card once per week, or other accepted arrangement. The remaining 90% is due and payable upon settlement of your case, or after eighteen (18) months, whichever comes first. {If it is not reasonable to expect a third party to pay, you are responsible for services at the time they are rendered.} We want to assist you in obtaining all the benefits for which you are eligible. We believe that a clear definition of our financial policy will allow us all to concentrate on the primary goal — regaining and maintaining your health.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we serve many patients with Medicare, and we file for you.  See our comprehensive article on this topic by clicking here.

Who do I call for a billing question?

Please contact our Richmond-based billing company (toll free) at 866.671.0136

How long has Dr. Shaye been in practice?

Since 1996.  His father practiced from 1979 through 2008.

Do you have special service for athletes?

Absolutely!  Dr. Shaye is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and member of the American College of Sports Medicine.  He is trained in a wide variety of techniques, from hands-on adjusting of the spine and extremities (feet, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, etc.) to acupuncture, dry needling, taping methods, and gait analysis;  but he also understand’s the athletic mindset.  He will tailor your treatment plans towards your specific goals.

Chiropractic and Sports from Performance Chiropractic on Vimeo.

I’d like to get a good night’s sleep, and am considering buying a new bed. Do you have any advice?

Quality sleep affects our waking hours, so your question applies to all of us. Physical and mental stress assails us every day; how we adapt to those stresses is directly affected by the quantity and quality of the past night’s sleep. The College of William & Mary’s national-class cross-country squad stresses the value of sleep. Most of their athletes get 8-9 hours of sleep per 24 hours; some get 10. For athletes who run 70-115 miles per week, that recovery time is critical healing time; or, to quote the fictional Jason Bourne, “Sleep is a weapon.” Let’s talk about using sleep time to optimal effect … more

Is acupuncture effective for arthritis pain?

In the wake of the Vioxx, Bextra, and Celebrex controversies, many people are seeking a safe and effective way to manage or prevent arthritis pain without the dangerous, even fatal potential side effects of formerly trusted medications. Fortunately, there are good options. Acupuncture is one of them … more

I’ve got aches and pains, and I’ve got a strong feeling it’s arthritis. Short of popping pills all the time, what can I do?

By age 50, most of us have at least some degree of arthritis in the knee, hip, spine, feet, or hands; and many of us start feeling the ravages of time far earlier. According to The Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is America’s top cause of disability. Though prevention is better than cure, short of a time machine there are some simple things you can do to care for yourself… more

What’s the difference between medical doctors and osteopaths and chiropractors and physical therapists?

I’d love to tackle this question. I am the third chiropractor in my family; took my MCATs when considering becoming a D.C.-M.D.; have visited the birthplace of osteopathy; and lost my chiropractic valedictorian bid to a physical therapist classmate. I have a high level of respect for each of these diverse disciplines. Please see my article “Separate and Distinct:  An Overview of Major Healing Professions” for a full explanation. – Dr. Shaye

Do you have Acupressure Services at Performance Chiropractic?

Yes, Performance Chiropractic provides acupressure services.  Acu-points can be stimulated with a device such as a needle;  yet the points can also be stimulated with pressure (hand-delivered, or with a variety of devices), suction (cupping), light (laser), heat, electricity, or a combination of delivery methods.  What’s best depends on the patient’s needs, in combination with their preferences.  Needle acupuncture is highly specific, but some patients (surprisingly few) are too afraid of needles to tolerate the procedure.  Most tell me (after I allay their fears about discomfort with needle acupuncture) something along the lines of, “Just do whatever you need to get me the results I’m looking for.”  In my opinion, some hands-on health practitioners and doctors perform limited acupressure in the course of their soft-tissue manipulations.  They just don’t realize the full extent of what they’re doing.  Acupuncture training allows the provider to stimulate points intentionally, in specific ways (depth, duration), for specific therapeutic purposes.

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